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When Good Readings Go Wrong

We all have at some point walked away from a reading thinking "what was that?" and seeing the person as a hack, a fraud and never return to them again. Now in all fairness, sadly, there are many readers out there that are just that. But I'm not talking about those ones today. I'm talking about the ones that are excellent at what they do. The ones that are genuine in their intent and reasons for being a reader. I use the word "reader or advisor" because this can apply to anyone who uses any form of divination.

First, you must understand that all the messages an advisor receives are accurate. The problems happen two fold. One, we are working with a higher vibrational energy on a different plane of existence. Which means that the information has to be passed to a lower energy frequency, this can sometimes be muffled. Think of a radio, the information is coming through, but if there is static, some parts are missed. Two, it can boil down to subject to interpretation. As mentioned, not all the information is conveyed. IE: A reader is given a vision of a man, the London tower, feels movement, romance, a baby, and sees you two together. S/he may perceive that to mean you will go to London and meet a man who you will fall in love with and have a baby. Where in fact the message is that you will fall in love with a man who was born in London. So you see the message is accurate, it doesn't mean the reader is bad, it means that they do the best they can with the information that is given to them. It's not a like a conversation over the phone where everything is clear.

Now, for a reader to be able to connect with your energy, you need to also be in a good frame of mind. It is highly recommended that you first ground your energy before you call/visit. If you are feeling desperate, anxious or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you won't get a very good reading. In fact, your reading can go terribly wrong. We need a stable level of energy to work with to get the best information possible for you. If you are in an impaired state, it makes it nearly impossible to do that for you. I realize, that you might desperately want answers because you suspect a lover is unfaithful. The worst thing you could possibly do is get a reading in a state of panic and distress. Additionally, if you suffer from a mental illness it can also be very difficult to read you.

Some advisors will read other people, while others don't like too. If you are asking about a person and that person is a drug addict, alcoholic or is not mentally sound, you are guaranteed that the reading will be wrong. We can pick up their energy at the moment. If for example that person has mental instability, they can be in a moment where they are thinking they are in love with you and can see themselves spending their time with you. If they are in this state, that is what the reader will pick up on. It's not false because it's what the individual is feeling and believing in that moment. For a mentally sound person who has no addictions, this wouldn't be an issue. Their energy is steady and consistent.

You and the people you ask about have free will. No reading is absolute. It is based on the here and now and on the path you are on right now. So, if you are told you are going to get promoted and have a big corner office and you'll finally buy that dream house you've been wanting; but, three weeks later you decide that the material world no longer suites you and you up and move to South America to teach English to the local children. Well, you can't turn around and say the reader was wrong. You might argue that s/he should have foreseen that, but remember it's your free will to change anything, nothing is set in stone, the future is clay, always changing. This also applies to "negative" readings. If you are being warned about something, then it is not finite, this is your opportunity to take charge and make changes to alter the outcome.

Let's briefly talk about serial readers or advisor addicts. Yes, this is a thing. Some people are addicted to readings. They will call ten different advisors in one day asking the same questions. Of course the person will get conflicting readings. The energy you put out is no different than that of an addict. And honestly, the universe's energy will just stop working and give you wrong information. You should never have multiple readings in a day. Take time for yourself and calm your energy. I know this maybe hard to do, but trust me, it will only benefit you.

Sometimes you're just not meant to know all the information. It's just that simple. You might be asking for information about something that is part of your life lesson and the reader isn't allowed to reveal that to you; so they won't get the information at all. After all somethings in life still need to be a surprise. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of your life lessons.

Love and Light


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